SMS Alert System for Generators

SMS Alert

Bundu Power offers an integrated SMS alert and remote control system. This unit can be integrated into any diesel generator in the Bundu Power range and allows for the following items to be monitored and controlled.

1. Up to 9 different alarm signals to be sent directly to your cell phone.
e.g: "Diesel Low" or "Oil Pressure Low"

2. The Generator can be Started or Stopped* by sending an SMS to the generator from anywhere in the world. Used in conjunction with the alert you can decide when to turn on and off your generator even if your not at home or the office when the lights go out.

The SMS unit is mounted inside the generator housing (space permitting) and runs off the generators battery. When the generator is in automatic mode it will start-up when the power fails and in doing so sends an SMS to UP TO 5 predetermined phone numbers. An SMS can then be sent back to the generator using a predetermined "code" and command. The code allows you to safe guard the generator from malicious SMS's to turn it on and off. If the generator has a problem when running it will again send an SMS to up to 5 users notifying them of the problem encountered. When the generator is shuts down the user is also notified, allowing them to confirm that the generator has successfully shut down.

The unique SMS Alert and command system allows users to quickly and easily control their Generator world wide, with the knowledge that problems can be sorted out quickly and efficiently. In addition to that, the security system allows for safe and secure use without interference.

* When the SMS Alert is installed in conjunction with an ATS, the generator CANNOT be started remotely unless the electricity is off.



GSM Control and Alert System for Generators

GSM Control and Alert System for Generators

GSM Control and Alert System for Generators