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Harsen GU631A Generator Controller

Harsen GU631A Generator Controller    Harsen GU631A Generator Controller

Generator Controller GU631A

GU631A is an Automatic Mains Failure module which is designed to monitor the mains (utility)and on failure automatically starts the generator and transfers the load. On return of the mains (utility) the controller automatically returns the load to the mains and stops the Generator after a cool down period. The module also monitors and protects the engine, indicating operational status, fault conditions and metering on the front panel LCD and LED's.

Features and Benefits
  • 128 x 64 graphic LCD
  • True RMS measuring
  • Configuration of parameters by front panel push buttons or communication software.
  • RS485, RS232, or USB port for remote communication.
  • Configurable fuel output energise to stop or energise to run.
  • 7 Configurable inputs.
  • 5 Configurable outputs, 2 used for ATS control.
  • 2 Analogue inputs configurable for different senders for Oil pressure and Engine temperature.
  • 2 Aux.configurable analogue inputs
  • Real time clock and calender
  • Event log
  • Exercise run schedule
  • Genset maintenance reminder
  • Push Buttons for manual control of GCR/MCR

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Engine and Alternator Metering
  • Mains phase voltage L 1-N L2-N L3-N
  • Mains line voltage L 1-L2 L2-L3 L3-L 1
  • Mains frequency Hz
  • Generator phase voltage L 1-N L2-N L3-N
  • Generator line voltage L 1-L2 L2-L3 L3-L 1
  • Generator current 11 12 1
  • Generator frequency Hz
  • Engine speed RPM
  • Generator phase apparent power kvAA 1 A2 A3 I: A
  • Generator phase active power kw P1 P2 P3 I: P
  • Generator phase reactive power kvAr Q1 Q2 Q3 I: Q
  • Generator phase power factor PF PF1 PF2 PF3
  • Generator total active power kwh
  • Generator total reactive power kvArh
  • Battery voltage Vdc
  • Engine running hours counter h
  • Engine temperature °C (°F)
  • Oil pressure BAR (PSI)
  • Aux. configurable analogue inputs #1
  • Aux. configurable analogue inputs #2
Warning and Shutdown Alarms
  • Low oil pressure
  • High engine temperature
  • Overs /Under Speed
  • High/low Gen voltage
  • High/low Mains voltage
  • Start failure
  • Stop failure
  • Emergency stop
  • Charge failure
  • High/low battery voltage
  • Over Current
  • Aux. shutdown alarm
  • Aux. Warning
  • DC supply: 8.0V to 35V continuous
  • Cranking drop outs: 0V for 100mS, assuming de supply was at least 10V before dropoutand recovers to 5V
  • AC input voltage: phase voltage 15-300 Vac RMS (AC frequency ~40Hz)
  • AC input frequency: 3-70Hz (voltage~ 15V)
  • Max operating current: @ 12V 0.4A, @24V 0.2A
  • Max frequency input of the speed sender: 10000Hz
  • Voltage input of the speed sender: 1-70 Vdc
  • Accuracy 0.5%
  • Start relay output: 16A/30Vdc
  • Fuel relay output: 16A/30Vdc
  • Aux. control relay output: 3A/30Vdc
  • Protection: Controller fascia IP65 when correctly installed
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 70 °C
  • Storage temperature: -30 to 80 °C

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