Key Features

AC / DC Power Supply Unit (PSU) to use your solar pump with an alternative AC power source.

Use the PSU to power your pump at night or if it’s a cloudy day to get more water from your borehole.

Suitable for use on any Bundu Power solar pump.

Use with Mains electricity or a Generator. Ideally this AC power pack should be installed with a manual change over switch for easy switching between Solar and Mains.

Turn pump off before switching.

AC / DC Solar Pump PSU

Input Voltage 100 – 230 VAC
Input Frequency 50 / 60Hz
Output Voltage 72V
Output Current 10A
Recommended Load 8A
Output Adjustment Range ± 10% DC
L x W x H 214 x 124 x 65 mm
Weight 900g
Use For 48v Pump / 72v Pumps
Warranty 12 Months
Install surge protection on AC side