Key Features

Use with Electronics YES, this unit is designed for use with your electronic devices.
LCD Display YES
Hours of Use 6 Hours (at 200w load)
Battery Indicator YES
MAX Load 700 Watts (900Va)
What's Included Unit is complete with Inverter, battery and Casing
Sinewave Pure sinewave is produced


UPS Mode
Under Voltage 185 ± 5V
UV Restoration 190 ± 5V
Over Voltage 260 ± 5V
OV Restoration 250 ± 5V
ECO Mode
Under Voltage 110 ± 10V
UV Restoration 120 ± 10V
Over Voltage 290 ± 10V
OV Restoration 280 ± 10V


Voltage (UPS) 180V - 220V>
Voltage (Mains) Same as Input
Frequency (UPS) 50Hz ± 1%
Frequency (Mains) Same as Input (45 ~ 55Hz)
Overload Greater than 105% (5 Attempts & then Trip)
Transfer Time less than 20ms


Make Probe
Model M31-PMF 12v Deep Cycle
Ampere Hour (Ah) 110 Ah
Number 1 Included
Charging Current 15A
Protection Low Battery (5 Attempts & Trip)


Low Battery Pre-Alarm Beeps
Low Battery Trip Beeps
Overload Beeps
Wrong Wiring Beeps
Over Temp Beeps
Short Circuit Beeps