Datakom D300 Controller

The Datakom D300 MK3 Generator controller is a high quality, advanced generator controller. Multiple functionalities are built directly into the controller without the need to additional componants.

Controller Functions

  • Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) functionality
  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) functionality
  • Remote Start functionality
  • Manual Start functionality
  • Engine Control
  • Remote Display Panel ability

Communications Functions

  • GSM Functionality for Online Remote Monitoring (Optional)
  • SMS or Email functionality on events (Optional)
  • 4-band GPRS modem (optional)
  • Ethernet Card (optional)
  • Wifi Card (optional)
  • USB Device
  • RS-232 (2400-57600baud)
  • J1939-CANBUS
  • Geo-locating through GSM
  • GPS support (RS-232) (Optional)
  • Free Online Monitoring with GSM (Excludes SIM)