Industrial Generators

Solar Panels (165 - 250 watts)

High Quality multi-crystalline Solar Panels >17.12% efficiency

Multi-crystalline Solar Panels
High Quality construction
36 volt panels
High Performance

SOLAR Panels

Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters (2kw - 20kW)

High quality inverters, On-Grid and Hybrid Inverter solar inverters.

Single and Three phase options
On-Grid to reduce electricity costs
Reduce cost and offer backup power
*Feed power back to the grid

SOLAR Inverters

Solar Borehole Pumps

Solar Borehole Pumps (Submersible)

Pump water anywhere. Solar borehole pumps up to 450m no batteries required.

No batteries required
Includes pump & controller
Bundu Power and Lorentz Options
Options to suit all requirements

SOLAR Borehole Pumps

Solar Pool Pumps

Solar Pool & Pond Pumps

Take your pool or pond off the grid and save on electricity. No batteries required.

Two sizes available
Great for pools and ponds
Reduce your electricity bill by up to 40%
Works independently, includes controller

SOLAR Pool Pumps

Solar Pressure Pumps

Solar Pressure Pumps

Solar pressure pumps that can be used with or without batteries depending on application.

Pressurise your water flow
Use during daylight or add batteries
Perfect for remote sites
Includes controller

SOLAR Pressure Pumps

Solar Deep Cycle Batteries

Solar Batteries

A wide range of deep cycle solar batteries utilising various technologies.

Lead Acid
Various Capacities, voltage and cycles
Various voltage configurations
High Performance

SOLAR Batteries