Installing a solar system can be complicated. There are so many parts and requirements to get the result you want and deserve.

Bundu Power has been selling solar products since 2009. (That's over 15 years!). Through the years we have built up an extensive range of tried and tested products allowing us to offer you comprehensive packages to let you harness the power of the sun.

We offer installations of the following items (and more!)

  • Residential Solar Systems
  • Commercial Solar Systems
  • Solar Pool Pumps
  • Solar Borehole Pumps
  • Solar Pressure Pumps
  • Solar Geyser
  • Solar Geyser Conversions

Our extensive range and expertise ensure that you are always getting what you pay for. We have solutions for all budgets and sizes. From a small household system to a solar plant for your factory.

We offer turn-key solar solutions that will take the hassle out of installing a solar system. We handle everything from start to finish.