Harsen GU3311 Controller

GU3311 is a new generation intelligent generator controller. The controller is faster and more intuitive. It boasts easy to read on-screen messages for easy use and diagnostics. The GU3311 is an Automatic Mains Failure controller which can detect a fault in the mains and automatically turn on your generator and shut it down when the mains utility returns.

Controller Functions

  • Voltage and current measure true RMS.
  • Multi-languages options
  • Using 128x64 dot matrix LCD display.
  • Providing time pre-sets and reminds function in unit maintenance.
  • 3 analogue measuring input, and a variety of sensor selected in it, you also can set parameters.
  • 5 configurable output to control relay .
  • 3 ways to discrete input can be defined.
  • The Buttons of panel operation are used to choose the control model, the start model, and to stop the operational procedure, date display, and to modify the operating protection parameters
  • LED indicator is used to directive the operation model of controller and show the operation conditions In the generating set. LCD displays all kind of measurement parameters and conditions.