Using a small generator to backup your inverter system is a logical and common occurrence. It is however, not always an easy integration as there are so many different inverters and generators on the market.

From our own experience and testing, we have found the following inverters to work / not work with our smaller generators using the Datakom DKG-116 or Smartgen MCG100 controller coupled with the 3000RPM, 2-Pole alternator. This problem is due to harmonic feedback.

The Datakom DKG-116 and Smartgen MCG100 controller do not filter out these harmonics. When the harmonics enter the main power cable it causes a ripple effect pushing the voltage and frequency readings up on both the inverter and generator. The inverter then disconnects the AC input and the generator shuts down on overspeed/overvoltage.

It should be noted that this problem does not affect the larger generators using 1500RPM (4-Pole) alternators Datakom D300 controllers or the Comap or Deepsea controllers.

* We have only experienced this problem with certain models of inverter manufactured by Voltronic and Growatt. This would include all the variants being distributed by local distributors. However, this problem is likely to be present in many other inverter / generator combinations.