Datakom DKG-116 Controller for your Generator

The DKG-116 is a diesel generator control unit designed to start and stop a generator both manually and remotely. Using the RUN and STOP push buttons on the front panel, the generator can be used manually. The remote control is made via REMOTE START input signal and can be used by a variety of inputs, such as a remote start, ATS controller or inverter system.

Controller Features

  • Both Manual and remote control
  • Generator protection
  • Built in alarms and warnings
  • Remote Start operation available
  • True RMS measurements
  • Tamper-proof engine hours display
  • Field adjustable parameters
  • High current Fuel and Crank outputs
  • Survives cranking dropouts
  • Sealed front panel
  • Plug-in connection system
  • Standard panel dimensions: 96x48mm