Generac Evolution Controller for your Generator

Evolution Digital LCD Controller Functions include monitoring utility power, triggering the automatic transfer switch, starting and stopping the generator, exercising the generator, and monitoring the generator for any system faults.

High Voltage Shutdown Shuts down the generator at >130% rated voltage for 200 milliseconds or >110% for 5 seconds to better protect home owner appliances or connected items.
Low Voltage Shutdown Shuts down the generator at <60% voltage for 5 seconds to better protect home owners appliances or connected items.
Internal Fault Shutdown Shuts down the generator when a failure is detected within the Evolution Controller for more protection and easier diagnostics.
Battery Sentinel Monitors the battery and charging system to indicate that the battery is trending towards failure or that it has failed.
Event Log All generators 5-13 kVA feature a full event log capable of recording 50 events.
Smart Battery Charger Only delivers a charge to the battery when needed. Battery charge depends on ambient air temperature.
Voltage Regulation With the combination into the Evolution Controller, the voltage regulation delivers an industry leading voltage regulation +/- 1%.
Product Activation Requires each generator to be activated via website or phone before automatic function is enabled - Allows a warranty activation start point for every generator sold.
External Common Fault Alarm The Evolution Controller has a provision to connect to a set of contacts that will allow for a common alarm when any of the generator shut downs occur- This will allow individuals to connect into security systems, home automation systems or simply drive a different alarm within a home or business.
Adjustable generator start time When utility fails, the control is factory set to delay 10 seconds prior to starting the engine. There is also the capability to change the delay time between 2-1500 seconds .
Incorrect Wiring Error Eliminates the potential of damaging the Evolution Controller if it is not connected properly, a warning message is displayed that must be corrected before the controller is allowed to be fully operational.

Controller Features

  • LCD Display
  • LED Backlit Membrane Keypad
  • Time ∓ Date
  • Alarm Log
  • Run Log
  • Maintenance Log & Reminders
  • Set Exercise via Display
  • Run Hour Display
  • Battery Condition
  • Quiet Test Selection